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Our creative team consists of the experts
skilled in all areas of Online Business.

Communication Services | Travel services | E-commerce solutions | Computer Network Development | Software and Hardware Development | Media And Entertainment | Digital Marketing | Cybersecurity | Advertising Products and a whole world of arts to entertain your life... Yeah. Don` Think twice! Join us!

Frank Franklin

Content Director

Katty Sandar

Marketing Manager

George Black

Development Planner

Susy Kromstein

Media Production Specialist


Billy Red

Cybersecurity Head

Sophie Hemingway

Alien affairs

Keith McEwen

Advertising Manager

Margaret Fleming

Art Director

Jonny Leach

Content Writter

Mike Left Hand

Coder Team Head

Morgana Mallory

Hardware Engineer Manager

Larry Green Leaves

Investor Relations Manager

A communication channel is available by contacting us in one of our embassies via our foreign relations council.

And Yes! We are a real and serious company! We all like avatars! The world is a dangerous place.

No red flag for us!!! We are good : )