Orakulos (ORK) - ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Just like Bitcoin (BTC) and many other cryptocurrencies, Orakulos token (ORK) is a blockchain-based asset that has value and can be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services on Discover Market and many other cryptocurrency marketplaces on the Internet. (+ More)

Not just a token...

A Blockchain Platform for Change The Way you travel and trade

Orakulos is a search engine and cryptocurrency project that aims to integrate cryptocurrency marketplaces into a decentralized economic structure based on the blockchain technology to reshaping the travel industry. Below you can check Orakulos Roadmap. While Orakulos is still under development, you can support us by using Orakulos Cyberspace Directory or by purchasing ORK tokens.

ORK Circulating Supply

TYPEERC20 token
Maximum Supply : 10.000.000 ORK
Capped Token: Yes
Initial Circulating Supply: 8.000.000 ORK
Supply to be minted: 2.000.000 ORK

Initial Distribution

Initial ORK distribution is through "Subscriptions plans", "Referrals"and "Discover Tickets"on Discover Market.It is also possible to buy or sell ORK on the LedgerDex exchange.

Circulating Supply
2.882.209 Tokens
$ Market Cap

$ 605.264

Circulating Supply

2.882.209 ORK

Maximum Supply

10.000.000 ORK

history Timeline

Development Roadmap

Compatible Wallets

Wallets To Store ORK

Below you can get some of the most reliable and secure cryptocurrency wallets on the market. You can store your Orakulos tokens in software wallets like Coinomi or Trust Wallet, or in hardware wallets like Ledger Nano X.

After choosing your cryptocurrency wallet, add Orakulos Token (ORK) to your wallet using the ORK contract information and visit the Referral Program page to find out how you can earn ORK using referral links on your Website, Blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook or any other social networks.

Ledger wallets Coinomi Wallet
Trust Wallet

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