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Discover The Whole World is an American company with communication systems established on computer networks that provides through communication a medium of exchange for goods, knowledge and services for its users.

Be welcome... If you came in peace!

Travelers "landing on Earth"! (Born on Planet Earth).

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the world's population is born, lives and dies and does not know their own world. Many people hardly leave their city or country for a lifetime. For most people in the world, traveling around the world is extremely expensive, impractical, and in many cases impossible, as many regions are entangled in hostile tribal behavior using their socio-economic machinery throughout the generations to keep their citizens locked within their own territory while keeping foreign cultures locked within their own.

Relocation within the original territory of the individual is already difficult and moving abroad looking for better working conditions and human respect in many cases a much more difficult challege then traveling abroad once aparently and sadly, the majority of all humans and their nation-states have been carrying from the time they were born until their death a general shared aversion to Free Migration, mistakenly accepting without much resistence the fact that being free is to live each one into their original square surrounded by their local fences, walls, guns, culture, ideologies and kings.

When this project started years ago, similar difficulties arose when simply trying to communicate between locals as well as to and from abroad showing that the walls that divide and push one individual against another in an unnecessary struggle of principles and ideologies runs deeper through all modern communication technologies that unfortunately are traditionally designed from scratch to full development to maintain segmented communication networks that keep each nation separate from each other and "protected" from its own children, as well as from the children of its neighbors who breathe, eat and live under the same sky.

It is necessary to remember or communicate that In the name of the "security" of helpless citizens, the weapons that protect are the same that keep them locked in their traditional "positions of power" running the engines of a predatory and obsolete social machine where those with the power to kill impose the only form of "legal" communication and its definitions based on their own desires and claims to rule without questioning.

It is rational to think about the fact that people do not naturally choose the region of the planet where they are born and good and bad behavior are relative perspectives and vary as much as the number of people and cultures in the world, even so, some individuals and groups persist in condemning and associating the bad behavior and destructive actions of a few individuals extending it to an entire region, nation or flag, feeding hatred and old conflicts to new generations instead of bury the historical tragedies of the past in the past.

In this context and in this perspective, it is a shame to say that even today, where shared technologies and knowledge are easily able to fix this arcaic conception of the power of the state over the state of the individual, the current "civilized" socio-economic models are incapable of guiding us from a fragmented civilization to a planetary civilization. Throughout all technological advancement, generation after generation still lives and breathes those old poisonous thoughts that constantly fight all the goodwill trying to bring significant and unconditional progress to the whole world.

Because all this it is necessary to communicate and clarify to users of Discover The Whole World the fact that these words, this website with its images, videos, texts and art are free information or communication between human individuals (The Discover The Whole World Developers and Partners) and users using computer networks and technologies related to access to knowledge about the different regions of the world, their echological environments and their cultures that share the planet as a whole, enabling those who wish to develop systems that can lead humanity peacefully as a species and its societies to live in a planetary civilization.

It is necessary to remember and / or communicate that any exchange of goods, knowledge and services (included this access and the current and continuing reading of this disclaimer until its completion) using Discover The Whole World is a one-to-one communication agreement between one (01) user and one (01) user. One (01) Human Individual and another Human Individual (01) without any numerical disproportion, numerical injustice nor any intermediary between this free communication (Point-to-point communication or Pair communication).

It is necessary to remember and / or communicate that users of Discover The Whole World by exchanging goods, knowledge and services with one another, do so in a context and with the understanding that all humans are inherently free in their thoughts and bodies to move (to travel, migrate and conduct legal business) across the planet without any restriction on their natural rights.

It is necessary to remember and / or communicate that communication of our point of view is part of living beings. Is a free and natural expression of the intelligence and nature of living beings interacting with the world in which they are inserted. Planet Earth is home to a great diversity of living beings. Each living being with its own nature, each living being with its own thoughts and concepts about other species and its own species, each living being with the ability to freely communicate its will and thoughts using different forms of expression or languages as they please.

It is necessary to remember and / or communicate that once communication is free by nature, there is no need to revive or propagate old discussions about the rights of freedom of expression among humans once freedom of expression is part of all humanity by nature.

Necessary to remember and / or communicate that once communication is free by nature and free all human individuals in their thoughts, emotions and actions to interpret and define it from their own perspective, culture perspective, historical perspective or educational perspective, free is also the user or users of Discover The Whole World to disagree with the Discover The Whole World perspectives and free not to use or interact in any way with the Discover The Whole World communication services.

Necessary to remember and / or communicate that once there are so many different forms of communication, intelligences and different perspectives of the world between all species and their individuals, logical and rational is the fact that all living beings can only have real authority over their own life, over their own nature, over their own thoughts and only over their own actions, therefore, all shared concepts and definitions of all meanings of words, emotions, laws, impositions and ideologies transmitted or communicated as an "Authoritative communication" between a certain group of individuals and / or their national states will never have real, unquestionable and absolute universal authority over the life of the Human Person once such concepts and ideologies are on their own foundations societies wrongly accepted as universal. They function simply as a temporary consent or mutual agreement between human individuals to avoid the natural inevitability of conflicts arising from their own natural diversity.

Necessary to remember and / or communicate that once there are so many different life forms with their own communication, or intelligent forms of expression of their nature, coexisting in the same space, under the same sky , using the same natural resources to maintain their life, natural is the existence of conflicts between these different intelligences. Conflicts, however, which can always be avoided between humans, when different cultures understand and respect the natural diversity of thoughts or intelligences accepting as they are by living in a common state or neutral territory.

Necessary to remember and / or communicate that all conflicts generated by the diversity of cultures can be easily pacified when, the communication between two different people, make them agree that it is mathematically measured, rational and logical that two or more people in sympathy agreement (because the similarities of thoughts and ideologies between them) while fighting against another completely different person will never be a true definition of justice as badly accepted by certain societies, which makes us as humans and different peoples (of different cultures) logically accept the rational thought that the impositions of the States which "represent" its citizens as a whole dominating the state of individuals must above all be extremely neutral before being accepted as an authority or a concept of justice.

Necessary to remember and / or communicate that Discover The Whole World has no affiliation, connection or relationship with any political party, religion, sindicates, governments, institutions, terrorist groups, revolutionary groups, criminals groups, radical political groups, left or right wing newspapers, nor is a communication medium or a communication channel for the messages of one or any of these groups or related, nor a new group representing their ideologies.

Necessary to remember and / or communicate that the art of painting a red smile on the images of the Statue of Liberty is not a communist, socialist or anarchist message but a natural right of free expression of consciousness, individuality and free will , which has the perspective that freedom is still a dream in this whole world varying in degrees from region to region regardless of the color of the flags and their nation states.

Necessary to remember and or communicate that if and when we share on our communication platform photos such as that of a smiling father with his son in a country constantly associated with negative news and violence, it does not mean that we support the action of these violent groups that divide the same territory with peaceful people. There are bad and good people everywhere! All threats we have received over the internet and in person are not welcome, no matter who or what you represent. Please do yourself a favor and just do not use our platform.

Necessary to remember and / or communicate that the images of Guy Fawkes masks on our platform bear no relation to any radical group, nor do they support or intend to endorse The Anonymous Group as commonly described and negatively through certain communication channels, nor is it related to or supports any Anarchist group that disseminates destructive actions, criminal revenge or any type of terrorist action in cyberspace or in any place on earth, through seas, airspace or space. Images are used only in the context of cybersecurity neutrality, also remembering the fact that people in many cases need to be protected by anonymity when they fight for their natural rights or for ancient and modern abuses of power.

Necessary to remember and / or communicate that once communication is free and is part of the diversity of consciousness and living beings, communication has in its nature a natural right of neutrality which can be preserved and protected as it is by their own origin. Regardless of the environment, pyhsical material or natural elements that transmit it from one place to another and once all forms of life share the same space in time, communication can not be constrained or controlled without resistence.

It is necessary to remember and / or communicate that the development of Discover networks and their associated projects is structured in a shared decentralization to remember, claim and protect the choices and freedom of people through the development of sustainable projects to empower the state of the individuals (Persons, Humans) in balance with the State that represents them.

Necessary to remember and / or communicate that everyone needs and wants to be wealth, happiness and survive! Regardless of the color of the flags, ideologies and culture that identify a certain region of the planet, a group of people or just an individual, the good trade relations, free market, competitive prices, freedoms won by the capitalism, the great ideals of liberty, democracy, liberty and republic are vital to keep families as much as possible alive in deserts, cold regions as well as where nature is a little greener and more or less agressive.

It is necessary to remember and or communicate that Discover The Whole World projects support integration with Universal Basic Income projects, Free Migration, Sustainability projects, Free Market and State Neutrality regarding territorial regions of planet Earth. All things can be better and evolve towards unconditional benefit to all if everyone does their part by keeping their own ideologies and claims to rule over others within their own house structures and not over the territorial regions of planet Earth once the planet is the natural environment for all of us.

Necessary to remember and / or communicate that the word "free" on Discover The Whole World should in no way be interpreted as an endorsement or approval of a license allowing any individual (human person) or group to do any what pleases them to achieve a personal goal or collective goals against the will of another human individual or individuals.

Necessary to remember and / or communicate that no illegal content is shared or hosted on the Discover networks and that any type of content (thoughts, texts, art images, video, music) that may be one way or another to be interpreted as offensive for certain users and / or for its culture will never have the power to apply impositions nor pretend or is a direct attack on their philosophy of life, their ideology, their religion, their institution, their government, their nation, nor a direct and personal attack or an aggression against the users themselves.

If in any doubt regarding the use of Discover The Whole World and while better terms of service are under development, please note that there are no terms and conditions which can be simpler than the following communication :

If you don't like or agree with our views on matters, communicate through our platform, just unplug your machine from your power grid and go take care of your business away from us. The world is huge ... go be happy! Peace.