How do I add my Offer?

Promote your products in more than 210 countries.

1- To add your product to Discover Market Offers, you need to create a seller account on Discover Market. You will receive a Discover Market (DM) ad code , which is required to submit your product. After that, you can go to the Discover Tickets store and choose the most suitable advertising ticket for your business.

2- Install a cryptocurrency wallet to store ORK. After that, use the ORK contract bellow to add ORK to your cryptocurrency wallet.

What are the benefits of adding my products to Discover Market Offers?

To add your products to Discover Market offers, you need to create a Discover Market account that will provide you with a high-quality landing page for your products on the Internet, increasing traffic, ranking and revenue. Discover Market allows you to sell products from the page of your store directly to the buyer (Direct Market) without paying a commission (0% commission). On your shopping page, you can set your own payment methods, links to other websites, products on other trading platforms, social networks and much more. As a user of Discover Market, you can place your product offers on the pages of more than 210 countries in the “Discover The Whole World” domain so that travelers around the world can find out everything about your country and buy products that you have. Another big advantage for your business and your customers is the inclusion of your offers in Orakulos Cyberspace, so that users can have quick access to the best websites and at the same time quickly access your products.

Orakulos Rewards

When users access their favorite Web site through Orakulos Cyberspace, they can earn Reward Points, Gift Cards, and Cryptocurrency Bonuses to make purchases on Discover Market. A big advantage for buyers and sellers!